Gym Aesthetics creates fashionable sportswear for women for all occasions. We believe sports fashion makes women feel empowered once they embark on their journey to fitness and healthy lifestyle.
The power to transform to a Mighty Me and to empower others is the latest initiative by Gym Aesthetics to pool together like-minded girls and women through training, workout and experience sharing.

Wear the “MUCH” Way
Mighty Upbeat Confident Healthy

An empowered mind in a healthy and aesthetically appealing body awaits you.
Mighty Me is the newest summer collection for women by Gym Aesthetics. Fetching, functional and uplifting, it aims to stand out your best body shape and silhouette.

Training Zip Sports Bra for Women
$431.00 $539.00
Training Mighty Tech Mesh Sports Bra for Women
$351.00 $439.00
Workout Mighty Tech Mesh Sleeveless Tank Top for Women
$231.00 $289.00
Workout Mighty Tech Mesh Gym Tank for Women
$231.00 $289.00
Training Mighty Tech Mesh Leggings for Women
From $439.00 $549.00
Mighty Me

As the latest summer collection for women by Gym Aesthetics, the Mighty Me collections aims to offer the best body shape and silhouette for women through its fetching, functional and uplifting solution.

Tech Mesh

Breathable, lightweight and stretchy, its application on crop tops and jogger pants adds allure, stands out your body shape and leg curvature, and renders movement easier.

Supportive Sports Bra

Prevent breast sagging. Encapsulation style suits high-impact workouts, fits all breast sizes and reduces overall breast movement. The unique Y-shape straps greatly reduce shoulder, neck and breast pains.
Compression style suits low to medium-workouts, is easy-on, easy-off and risk-free spraining your shoulders.

High Neck Tank Top

Come in trendy summer colours, with mesh block, colour block, and racerback styling. Coupling with flattering fit, breathable, super versatile features, it is your go-to training / workout tank top for this summer.